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‘The Center Seat: 55 Years of Star Trek’ docuseries lands on home video

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The Nacelle Company’s deep exploration of the 'Star Trek' franchise arrives on DVD April 25

Back in November 2021, we brought news of a comprehensive new “Star Trek” documentary series on the History Channel. The series was composed by the pop culture maestros atThe Nacelle Company, the production house that delivered Netflix’s “The Movies That Made Us” and “The Toys The Made Us” and Disney+’s “Behind the Attraction.” Directed by Nacelle’s Brian Volk-Weiss, “The Center Seat: 55 Years of ‘Star Trek'” boldly explored the legacy and lore of this storied sci-fi franchise in conjunction with the show’s 55th anniversary.

Now that 11-episode plunge into “Star Trek’s” timeless mystique and magic is coming to home video from Mill Creek Entertainment with a special DVD release arriving on April 25, 2023.

……………“One of the things that’s very tough as a filmmaker is to have hours and hours of amazing footage from some of the most important people in all of ‘Star Trek’ history, from Leonard Nimoy to Kirstie Alley, and only use 1 or 2 percent of it for the show,”

Volk-Weiss told

“So what we tried to do with the DVD was to make it very easy for the fans to see ALL of it; we simply put ALL of it on the DVD. That’s 3.5 hours of great and many unknown stories that will hopefully add value to current and future fans.”

“The Center Seat” is a carefully researched behind-the-scenes voyage offering Trekkies and sci-fi fans an unparalleled examination of “Star Trek’s” influence on popular culture and the imaginative genre itself. This 4-disc set offers exclusive interviews with cast, crew and experts that explore critical developments in the property’s history, from its birth at Lucille Ball’s production company Desilu in the 1960s to more modern film and television iterations spanning a half-century.