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Exclusive: The NacelleVerse Launches With Zero Issue First-Looks

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NacelleVerse #0 from Oni Press will kick off the animation and toy-inspired universe, telling new stories featuring Biker Mice From Mars and more!


  •  NacelleVerse #0 will introduce characters and plot points that will set the foundation for a multi-year plan in comics and animation.
  •  The NacelleVerse universe will merge iconic properties like Biker Mice From Mars, Roboforce, Sectaurs, and Power Lords.
  •  The debut issue will bring together diverse characters and promise a big adventure with the talents of Melissa Flores and other creators.

Screen Rant is excited to exclusively reveal the upcoming covers for the NacelleVerse’s zero issue. NacelleVerse #0 will feature Biker Mice From Mars, Roboforce, Sectaurs, Power Lords, The Great Garloo, and other toy and animation icons. This double-length special will lead directly into the first issue of this new multimedia universe.

This issue will kickstart the NacelleVerse, as it will introduce characters and plot points that are part of a multi-year plan. The beginning foundation will be laid out in comics for Oni Press’ first year of publications, with characters being expanded on via comics and animation over the course of five years. This debut is notably occurring in Spring 2024 ahead of the upcoming animated debuts of these characters.

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NacelleVerse #0 is scheduled to be released on March 20, 2024. This will mark the first modern appearance of each of the involved properties, and the first merger of their worlds as they collide into one broader universe. Already some of the creative talent has been announced and now, covers have been unveiled.

The NacelleVerse Kicks Off in March With More To Come After

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Nacelle has outlined the upcoming universe as each currently announced main series will be three issues long. The first to follow NacelleVerse #0 will be RoboForce in April, then Biker Mice From Mars in July. Release months for Sectaurs and Power Lords have not yet been revealed. However, all four major groups of characters can already be found on the covers of NacelleVerse #0. They have maintained their classic designs, making them readily recognizable for long-term fans of the animation and toy franchises. Check out the synopsis for the NacelleVerse here:

When his planet is annihilated by a cosmic disaster, the alien Great Garloo must begin a galaxy-spanning search for a new home…only to discover a bold new universe of champions waiting amongst the stars! From the genetically modified Sectaur warriors of the planet Symbion to the rabble-rousing Biker Mice from Mars, Garloo’s quest for safe haven will hurdle him on a one-way collision course toward 22nd Century Earth…where the obsolete robotic work crew called RoboForce is about to forge a new destiny…

The NacelleVerse’s Debut Issue Will Be A Journey Through The New Universe

At the top of Cover A, Lord Power from Power Lords can be seen flying above the central image of the Great Garloo’s face. On Garloo’s right is the Sectaurs, while on his left is the RoboForce. Centrally placed on the lower portion of the cover are the Biker Mice from Mars. This assortment of heroes is exciting to see brought together, promising a big adventure lying ahead. NacelleVerse #0 will feature the talents of Melissa Flores, Diogenes Neves, Francis Portela, and others yet to be announced. Covers for the upcoming series include Marco D’Alfonso, Logan Lubera, InHyuk Lee, Livio Ramondelli, and Mike Deodato Jr.

Brian Volk-Weiss, Founder and CEO of Nacelle, says, “I’m very excited that we’ll be launching the NacelleVerse with comic books that will set up all the characters, worlds and plot lines that will be unfolding over the next 5 years as our series come to life.”

Melissa Flores, NacelleVerse writer, provided insight into what fans can expect from the upcoming debut issue:

We’re introduced to a series of diverse worlds through the adventures of Garloo, our gentle-hearted nomad without a home. As Garlow travels the NacelleVerse, we encounter wonderfully complicated characters and circumstances, from smugglers to civil wars to robots, just trying to get some respect. And together we discover a true home consists of the people that welcome you within it. I can’t believe I get to relive my childhood with these amazing properties! Getting the opportunity to work with the wonderful team at Oni Press and Nacelle and bring these characters to life in comics is an incredible honor. I can’t wait for readers to fall in love with these characters again like I have!

NacelleVerse #0 will be available from Oni Press on March 20, 2024.