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Chris Hardwick Takes a Vintage Tour of Disney in ‘Up for Auction’ Images [Exclusive]

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Get the inside scoop on some of Disney's oldest memorabilia.


  •  Comedian Chris Hardwick will host a new series called Up for Auction where viewers can see historic Disney memorabilia before it is auctioned off.
  •  The show will feature items such as a vintage Dumbo ride car and a model showing the development plans for Tomorrowland attractions.
  •  Other notable pieces to be featured include an original Peter Pan ride vehicle and a Haunted Mansion hand-stretching portrait.

Chris Hardwick is getting up close and personal with some impressive collector’s items from the Disney vault. The comedian and podcaster will be the host of a new series set to come from the House of Mouse titled, Up for Auction, in which viewers will be taken into the depths of Disney’s storage rooms and catch a glimpse of some historic pieces before they go … well … Up for Auction. In an exclusive batch of images, you can get a feel for some of the selections that will be heading out to win the public bid over the eight-episode series, which debuts on The CW App on February 8.

A collector of the earlier days of Hollywood, Hardwick is certainly having the time of his life as he was given a chance that not many others can claim as he dives in and checks out all the recognizable memorabilia that surrounds him. One shot shows him enjoying some stationary thrills while another sees him taking a better look at a vintage Dumbo ride car. On the hunt for his next destination, an old-timey Disney map charts Hardwick’s course between attractions and sectors including Tomorrowland and Liberty Square. Fans of the aforementioned Tomorrowland of yesteryear will be especially interested to see a model that features the development plans for the neighborhood’s iconic Rocket Jets, PeopleMover, and Carousel of Progress, while a vintage Space Mountain poster hangs in the background.

While these lot numbers didn’t make it into our exclusive cluster of pictures, other notable pieces to be featured on the first season of Up for Auction include an original 1950s Peter Pan ride vehiclea 1970s Haunted Mansion hand-stretching portrait, and even one of the animatronic characters from the world-famous It’s a Small World attraction.

Chris Hardwick’s Career In Hosting

While you may recognize Hardwick from his stint in the early ‘90s as the host of MTV’s beloved dating show Singled Out, or perhaps spotted him in movies like Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses, in recent years, the actor has leaned into his love of comedy and all things entertainment. The voice behind the ID10T with Chris Hardwick podcast, fans of the now-wrapped The Walking Dead aftershow, Talking Dead, will connect his voice to these projects as well as Talking with Chris Hardwick and Comedy Central’s four-season-running game show, @midnight with Chris Hardwick. Hardwick currently serves as the host of NBC’s The Wall. Directing the first season are Steve Hoffman and Brian Volk-Weiss, the latter of whom holds credits on similar shows such as The Toys That Made Us and Disney’s Behind The Attraction, which are both also produced by Nacelle.

Get in that salesman spirit in the Up for Auction by checking out the images in the gallery above and catch all eight episodes of the debut season when it arrives on The CW app on February 8.