Total Action Force: The Battle Years

Total Action Force: The Battle Years is an in-depth look at Action Force – the toys, the comics and the creators of both.

This softcover edition contains 208 pages; beautiful, full colour photography throughout; and is informed through research and interviews with surviving members of the IPC creative teams and former senior staff at Palitoy.

It showcases Action Force Series One; all of the Series Two teams including Z Force, SAS Force, Space Force, Q Force and the Red Shadows; and details the Series Three line up of figures and vehicles.

Total Action Force: The Battle Years tells the story of Action Force, with a particular focus on the period where the toy line was closely associated with the British comic ‘Battle’. As well as featuring the toys, this book tells the story of the people who created the Action Force universe, with first-hand accounts from many of the surviving designers, writers and artists.

The book examines the inception of the Action Force brand; it showcases the design creativity at Palitoy with the evolution of Action Force series 1 through series 2, and concept sketches for unproduced items; it details how IPC secured a licensing deal, giving the comic Battle a lifeline; and how the writers and artists, led by comics legend Gerry Finlay Day breathed life in to Palitoy’s IP and expanded the Action Force universe. 

AND . . . it is packed full of diorama photos, showcasing Action Force like you’ve never seen them before.

Totalactionforce x mockup

The Battle Years


Authors :

Brian Hickey, David McDonald, Paddy Lennon

Genre :

Geek, Nerd, Toys

Premiere : 


Paperback : 

208 pages