Shoot Again: The Resurgence of Pinball

Shoot Again: the Resurgence of Pinball is a feature-length documentary film about pinball’s return and its appeal to a new generation of pinball enthusiasts. In an era of digital, streaming, cloud-based, and electronic entertainment, pinball is a paradox. With most forms of modern entertainment downloadable to the palm of your hand, how does a 300-pound box of wires and lights survive, and continue to thrive? That’s the story we set out to tell with this documentary.

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The Resurgence of Pinball


Main Talent :

Gary Stern, George Gomez, Greg Freres, Jersey Jack Guarnieri, Roger Sharpe, Steve Epstein, Steve Ritchie, Steve Zahler

Directors :

Blake Faucette

Producers :

Blake Faucette, Lorien Green

Genre :

Adventure, Documentary, Gamer

Runtime : 


Premiere : 


Rating : 


Copyright : 

Blake Faucette 2023

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