Retrofied Magazine Issue #1

Retrofied is a magazine crafted with care by people who celebrate nostalgia. Each issue is centered around a specific theme, and explores cultural touchstones big and small locked away in our collective memories from the ’80s and ’90s.

Issue #1

Fans of ’80s and ’90s nostalgia rejoice! This is the debut issue of Retrofied Magazine! An actual printed magazine you can hold in your hand? How retro is that?! This issue issue contains the following:

  • 52 pages of exclusive, full-color retro content
  • 9-page Oral History of ReBoot cover story featuring interviews with creators, producers, writers, and voice actors telling the detailed history of the CGI-pioneering cartoon series
  • Wide-ranging columns such as Nightmare Fuel, Lost in the Stacks, and Console Corner (among others) covering a variety of pop culture mediums such as comics, video games, paperback books, tech, and junk food with a “new beginnings” theme.
  • Celebrity Interview with chart-topping ’80s band Berlin on reuniting to make new music
  • Feature essays examining problematic issues in Home Alone, a family’s first drive-in adventure, new lessons gleaned from classic movie quotes, tips for recollecting childhood favorites, and even a not-so-true tale of searching for a legendary American Gladiator contestant.
  • Crossword puzzle and hidden object bonus content
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