Retrofied Magazine Issue #6

With the theme of “Batteries Not Included” Retrofied issue #6 remembers a time before instant, “on-demand” gratification to look at some of the simpler things from our youth. Just because it didn’t come with batteries, doesn’t mean it wasn’t awesome! This issue contains:

  • 52 pages of full-color, 100% original content
  • Gaming goodness including an interview with Rob Daviau of Restoration Games about turning forgotten classic board games into modern hits and an article appreciating the artistry and imagination of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
  • Tales from the toybox with a look at the wacky world of Cobra and some of the best action figure gimmicks of all time
  • Valley of the Dolls: an appreciation of American Girl dolls and “Hello, Dummy!” an interview with legendary ventriloquist and TV favorite Willie Tyler
  • Reading reflections with a history and appreciation of mall bookstores and our favorite adventure paperbacks
  • Creating custom trading cards with Shawn Robare
  • Big Wheels, boredom busters in school, and more!
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Geek, Nerd, Toys

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Copyright © 2022 Retrofied, LLC.

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52 pages