Knock Offs: Totally Unauthorized Action Figures

Knock-Offs is a celebration of the dime store bootleg figure, the copyright-infringing silliness meant to fool our grandpeople. The subjects range from toys of the 1960s – 2000s and includes every popular genre you can think of.

Chapters include Superheroes, Science Fiction, Horror, TV/Movies and you’d better believe 80s toys. So many discount Darth Vaders and Skid Row Skeletors…

Knock-Offs also celebrates the amazing bootleg toy art scene (the work these folks create is pretty darn infectious!)

Totally unauthorized action figures

Totally Unauthorized Action Figures


Authors :

Brian Heiler

Genre :

Comedy, Geek, Nerd, Toys

Premiere : 


Paperback : 

132 pages

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