Icons Unearthed: James Bond

Before there were franchises there was James Bond, the British super spy who set the bar for what an action film could be, inspiring every franchise that came after it. Icons Unearthed: James Bond tells the story of how Ian Fleming’s literary creation got his big break on the silver screen and became the most quotable name in cinematic history. With a formula for success in place the producers bet the franchise on an unknown face who would prove to be more than they could handle. Keeping up with the changing times, the films would embrace the Civil Rights movement, the space race, and the end of the Cold War. How did Bond enthrall audiences for over 60 years, surviving a failing creative partnership, six different lead actors, multiple lawsuits, competing films, corporate takeovers, and two complete reboots? Hold onto your Vesper martinis, and get ready for guns, gadgets, and Bond girls on Icons Unearthed: James Bond.

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James Bond


Directors :

Brian Volk-Weiss

Producers :

Brian Volk-Weiss, Cisco Henson, Ian Roumain

Genre :

Action, Adventure, Classic, Documentary, Pop Culture, Thriller, Travel

Runtime : 


Premiere : 


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