7 Short Films About (Our) Marriage

Noah and Madison are artists who want to change the world, and they begin their marriage as most couples do – sure that love will solve all problems. But marriage isn’t all about the great times. 7 Short Films is also about the arguments over petty stuff and bigger stuff, and the longstanding resentments that no one wants to even bring up. 7 Short Films About (Our) Marriage tells a story of raw authenticity in seven episodes spanning fourteen years of marriage as they reckon with racism, career challenges, medical issues, and more.

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7 short films about our marriage dvd


Main Talent :

Chynna Walker, Drez Ryan

Directors :

Chris Hansen

Producers :

Brian Elliott, Chris Hansen, Daniel Lee Beard

Writers :

Chris Hansen

Runtime : 


Premiere : 


Rating : 


Copyright : 

© 2021 Theoretical Entertainment

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